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Hi! My name is Sarah Hanks and I am a painter located in Celina Texas (just north of Dallas). I have been painting/drawing/art-ing all my life but recently took a hiatus from fine art for a few years to explore graphic design (which is what I got my degree in). But, I missed painting so much that I decided to jump headfirst into creating a studio. I am back in full force now and loving it more than ever! My favorite mediums include watercolor and acrylic but I have dabbled in oil and charcoal...and just about everything!

My husband, John and I have three young daughters and live in a small town just north of Dallas TX. It's our first experience with small-town living and we love it! Wide open spaces, baby. We are originally from Utah and go back as often as possible to enjoy some of that good old fashioned Utah recreation; boating, hiking, name it. Oh ya, and to spend time with FAMILY! 

Art has been such a joy in my life, both creating and viewing it, and I hope that your visit here, with me, brings you added joy as well. Happy viewing!